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Interview with Ralf Nöcker (Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets) on impacts of socio-economic and political issues on real estate

  Investments into Europe remain strong, despite the drama of a Grexit, UK referendum, Russia. How much bearing will such uncertainties have on real estate activities in Europe going forward? Property has for a long time being seen as a safe…

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Interview with Michel Vauclair (Oxford Properties Group) on Outlook, opportunities and challenges of European real estate

  Given the current mix of low interest rates and wall of cash: what is your outlook for European Real Estate over the next 12 – 24 months? The traditional markets such as London and Paris have indeed become very…

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“The interest of the investors rose substantially for two reasons: increased perception of political stability and…” – interview with Marco Bonomi, Business Development Italy, Falkesteiner Group

Where do you see Italy in the real estate investment cycle? If we compare the investments cycle to the economic one, then made by note phases: expansion, boom, recession, depression and recovery, we can argue that we are at the…

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